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Paws & Claws

The Family & MWR Pet Kennel offers your furry friends a place to stay while you’re away!

Our indoor facility features:

  • 15 Large Kennels
  • 10 Medium Kennels
  • 12 Small Kennels
  • 2 Cat Condos
  • Air-Conditioned Building
  • 17 Large Outdoor Runs Under Canopies & Misting System
  • Large Outdoor Play Area Under Canopy
  • Grooming services

With our exceptional customer service and passion for animals, you can be confident in leaving your dogs and cats with us. Our kennels will soon become your pet's favorite home away from home.

Additional Grooming Services

Bathing Package: to include - bath, blowout, brush and pet mist

  •   S: $20 (<15lbs)
  •   M: $30 (15lbs – 49lbs)
  •   L: $40 (50lbs – 99lbs)
  •   XL: $50 (100+ lbs)

Full Groom: to include bath, haircut, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, pet mist and bandanna

  •   -S: $35 (<15lbs)
  •   -M: $45 (15lbs – 49lbs)
  •   -L: $60 (50lbs – 99lbs)
  •   -XL: $75 (100+ lbs)

De-shedding: to include FURminator shampoo/conditioner, brush, blowout and pet mist

  •   - $45+ (depending on size of the dog)

Whiting Shampoo Bath: to include whiting shampoo treatment, brush, blowout and pet mist

  •   - $45+ (depending on size of the dog)

Individual Services:

  •   - Nail Trim - $10
  •   - Ear Cleaning - $10
Payments and Fees


Size Price PCS Rate
Large (>50 lbs.) $30 / Night $25 / Night
Medium (<50 lbs.) $25 / Night $20 / Night
Small / Cat (<15 lbs.) $20 / Night $15 / Night
* Any pet picked up before noon will not incur any other charges
* Pick up after 12 p.m. will be a half day charge
*PCS rates require a copy of PCS orders


Additional Fees: ​​​​​​ There is a $25 fee for pick-up and drop-off outside of regular business hours (Monday-Friday). This fee accrues on weekends and holidays.  

Payments & Documents:

  • At the time of drop off client is required to provide proof of vaccinations, negative fecal result, DOD and to leave credit card on file. 
  • We do NOT have a facility email or fax so please come with paper copies of your documents.
  • A 10% discount will be applied to your bill after pet has stayed in the facility for 14 or more consecutive days. 
  • Payment for long term boarders is required every 30 days.
  • Pets can be checked out from facility during normal business hours. If pet is leaving for 1 or more nights, payment needs to be made before pet leaves facility.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express card payments are accepted.


  • Food should be provided for the entirety of the pets stay. Meals should be portioned out in individual Ziploc baggies.
  • If meals cannot be portioned out, food absolutely needs to be in an airtight container or a resealable bag.
  • If pet runs out of food, we can offer our food for an additional $5 a day per pet. Our house brand is Science Diet. *Pets will not consume a Raw Diet*
  • Daily Vitamin/Supplements (non-prescription) can be portioned out into daily meals upon request of owner and approval of staff. 


  • We offer Day Boarding from 7.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m. for a half day charge.
  • Kennel sharing is permitted; however, pricing is per pet per night, and at the risk of the owner. Pets will be separated if space allows. 
  • We rent elevated beds for all large and medium kennels for $1 per night. 


Vaccinations and Medications


Oral Medication Fees

 1 Medications

 $2 per day

 2-5 Medications  $4 per day
 <5 Medications  $10 per day

The Family & MWR Pet Kennels require that all pets have the required vaccinations. Proofs of vaccinations are required with each reservation.

Dogs: Rabies 1/3 year, Dhpp 1/3 year, Bordetella ( kennel cough ) 1 year, Negative Fecal within the past 6 months.

Cats: Rabies 1/3 year, FVRCP 1/3 year, Negative fecal within the past 6 months.

  • Pets no younger than 5 months.
  • Oral medications can be given. No injectable medicines given at this time.

*Vet transportation fee of $50 will be incurred if vet on post is closed and unable to come in for emergency.  

Note: All perscription medication must come in the original bottle/package when perscribed to pet. We will not accept any perscription medications in baggies. 


Please call or stop by to make reservations for pet boarding at (760) 380-7387.

PCSing Soldiers and their families have priority with a copy of their orders.